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Get Your Furball Raring To Ride A Broncho In This Fashionable And Cool Cowboy Costume

March 26, 2021 3 min read


Get Your Furball Raring To Ride A Broncho In This Fashionable And Cool Cowboy Costume

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The pet fashion market is rapidly growing, and more and more brands are venturing into the clothing business for our four-legged friends. Today, getting a knitted sweater, a sweatshirt, or a Halloween costume for your furbaby is easy.  You only need to scroll on social media, go to Amazon or any other online shop to get a fashionable outfit that makes your pet stand out.

And if you are into the cowboy look, you may be wondering where to get the best Wild West costume for your pet. Well, we’ve just the most awesome cowboy costume for your kitty or your pup. This cute outfit will have your pet prancing around your home, just like in western movies.

cat in a Wild West cowboy costume

This affordable outfit lets your furball experience the old days of the Wild West right in your home. The outfit stands out due to its fine details. From the Sheriff’s star on the vest, the unique sew on the pants side pockets, to the black lasso that you can attach to your pet’s hand, this costume gives your feline the perfect 1820s old western cowboy look.

cat cowboy outfit: denim pants, vest, tumble red handkerchief

This outfit is a two-piece set that includes a slip-in suit that comes complete with a pair of denim pants, a vest, and a tumble red handkerchief. And since a cowboy look isn’t complete without a cowboy hat, also included is a perfectly sized 10-gallon hat that completes the Wild West look.

cat cowboy wild west outfit

You won’t have a hard time dressing your pet in this costume as it’s easy to put on. Simply slip it on over your kitty’s front paws and use the Velcro strap to wrap the collar around your feline’s neck. The hat has a stretchy strap that you can adjust under your cat’s chin and a toggle to secure the hat in place.

The cowboy outfit is made from a comfortable polyester material that is machine washable. The cute costume also comes in four sizes, including large, medium, small and extra small. The sizes run true to normal pet clothing, but if you aren’t sure about your pet’s size, you can always measure them.  Use a tape measure to measure your feline’s neck and chest girth plus their body length. Ensure you take the measurement a bit loosely to allow for some movement and breathing room. If your furball isn’t too keen on getting their size taken, you can always entice them with some treats.

cute cat polyester cowboy wild west costume

This costume is not only suitable for cats, but it will also look fabulous on a small-sized dog.

small dog cowboy wild west costume outfit

Indeed this beautiful costume makes even the most miserable pet happy. And you can bet the outfit will be a hit during a Halloween party. It’s also the perfect outfit for your beloved pet’s upcoming photo-shoot.

And past customers couldn’t agree more!

According to one buyer, “I was VERY pleased with this outfit. My little dog Snuffy looks like Gabby Hayes. The fit and quality were better than expected. I would certainly recommend and purchase again. Another satisfied purchaser wrote, “Costume is just as described! My dog looks so cute in it!”

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