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Do Dogs Really Laugh?

September 20, 2021 < 1 min read


Do Dogs Really Laugh?

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Even before we dive into this topic, we agree it’s a bit controversial, especially among animal behaviorists. Many animal experts are of the opinion that dogs don’t laugh. But just because they can’t make a sound that is similar to what we refer to as the classic laugh doesn’t mean they don’t communicate happiness.

A dog’s laugh doesn’t sound like your laugh, which is why there is a debate if the sound really counts as laughter.

Your dog’s laugh sounds like a breathy panting that is exhaled forcefully. This panting is different from the one your pup makes when she is overheated.

Your dog will often make the laugh pant when he wants to invite you to play with him. But in some instances, he’ll also make the laugh sound to let other animals know he’s safe, and they can also join in the fun. For example, this recorded laughter when played to puppies makes them excited and highly active.

Other dogs pick up toys after hearing the sound of a recorded dog laugh. When played to anxious or insecure dogs, the dog laugh sound was observed to calm them down.

This shows dog laughter, just like in humans, helps create a social bond and also signals to others that one is happy and not in danger. But whereas humans may find amusement in others’ misfortunes, a dog’s laughter is actually a play pant that lets everyone know they are happy.

And here’s a video depicting how a dog’s laugh sounds like.

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